Black is the standard colour of the 500M. It is well suited to any interior or environment.

There are times when personalizing the colour of your case may be desirable. For example to identify a computer for a specific task, or to better match an interior design. Or for the best reason of them all: because you can!

Changing the dominant colour of your 500M is both easy and fast. It takes just seconds to unhinge and remove the doors and the top panel and replace them with one of our colour pack.

Colour packs are available in Ruby red and Pure silver and consists of a three-part kit: left and right doors and a top panel.

These packs are of course made with the same high quality aluminium and they are anodised and finely sandblasted to the exact same rigorous requirements as the standard parts.


At Invedis, we love modders.

The 500M was designed to be very easy to disassemble and modify. The case is completely rivet free, and all the parts are screwed together with easily replaceable M3 screws. In addition, each screw has a corresponding metal threaded insert for long term reliability.