By Patrick Azria, Managing Director

I would like to share with you how we came to start Invedis.

For several years, innovation in computer cases has been stagnant. Most manufacturers have entered a race to the bottom, leaving little room for innovation in the intrinsic features and functions of a case: thermal performance, space efficiency and build quality.

As a computer enthusiast, I am puzzled and worried about this trend. It seems that we have entered a cycle of lower and lower quality computer cases where the main feature has become the price. In other words a large segment of the case manufacturing industry has become commoditised: price, not quality or performance is the key differentiator. So many cases are becoming alarmedly similar to one an other, share the same low quality materials and average to mediocre thermal performance. Is it surprising that some people consider that a computer case is nothing more than a glorified cabinet?

The good news is that our computers, even gaming computers are not restricted to offices or bedrooms any more. They have become the heart of our digital lifestyle and are moving into our living rooms, playing games and serving media to our televisions, our smart phones and tablets.

With that evolution, build quality, thermal and space efficiency are becoming much more important than before, even for lower performance systems. A large, noisy tower, made of thin steel panels and a lot of plastic will rarely be acceptable or welcome in a living room.

So the time is right for a different computer case manufacturer. A manufacturer determined to create the best computer cases in the world, thoroughly engineered and built to the highest standard. We want to demonstrate and let our customers rediscover that not every case is created equal and that a well engineered case can significantly enhance the performance and enjoyment of our computers.

The first product of Invedis is a high performance, no compromise case, the M Class 500M. The ultimate microATX case. However, our long term plan is to build a wide range of models, including lower end computer cases. Lower end, but rigorously engineered and of the highest quality.

We will never be satisfied and validate "good enough" products, cut corners, use cheap materials and under engineer our cases. All our products will share the same strict material requirements, the same obsessive engineering and precise manufacturing.

Invedis was founded by enthusiasts, passionate about quality, performance and innovation with a secret master plan: never compromise and be the best!

We are Invedis, the no compromise company.